The Casually Discreet Sekitei Jakarta

 The Casually Discreet Sekitei Jakarta

Inside the distinguished Bimasena private club, Ve Handojo goes contemporary and casual with Sekitei.

Just how many Japanese restaurants does Jakarta need? One tei blooms after another, showcasing astounding designs to impress, serving delectable sushi, and performing unmistakable service. The amount and variation is huge, and we never grow tired of them, so much so that if you notice a quiet Japanese restaurant in a shopping mall, you would presume that it’s either unreasonably priced, or the taste is simply bad.

If there’s one main reason why Sekitei was seemingly quiet the afternoon I visited, it would be the preserved location. With no shouting signboard, no screaming exterior design, and no advertised promises, Sekitei keeps itself completely discrete. “Only for those in the know” is the motto to spell out exclusivity.

Thankfully, exclusivism doesn’t always mean black tie. Inside this silent chamber is a casual and contemporary feel, accentuated with fun green and red shades. Simplicity – not minimalism! – is applied in terms of basic shaping of the furnishings. The relaxing atmosphere goes from the outside pool area of The Dharmawangsa Hotel through to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Amidst the laid-back, modern setting, Sekitei still serves teppanyaki, sushi, sashimi, tempura and hot pot (shabu-shabu and sukiyaki) in the classic tradition of Japanese cuisine. Using fresh ingredients and authentic creativity of the Japanese chef, Sekitei also presents the menu in royal kaiseki style. Surprise yourself with genuine flavours of oceanic delight!

The Sekitei Special, tagged at Rp 450K++, is a menu of the teppanyaki, consisting of appetizer, salad, assorted sashimi (or tempura), vegetables, salmon, king prawns, Australian tenderloin or sirloin. Add Rp 200K++, and you’ll get to enjoy the Kobe beef. The package covers the basic miso soup, pickles, and dessert. Every month, special dishes will be recommended, such as the seafood shabu-shabu and fried-fish dumpling.

In sheer elegance and without any hassle, Sekitei delivers the expected excellence of Japanese cuisine. Catering to up to 64 diners, Sekitei’s way is always intimate, exclusive, and nonchalant.

Graha Bimasena, Floor 2
Jalan Dharmawangsa Raya No. 39
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
T: +62-21-7258778, 7234693

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