¡Olé! Tapas in Jakarta: Moya

 ¡Olé! Tapas in Jakarta: Moya

FRV’s Erza S.T. loves the Spanish lifestyle and checks the new tapas bar in Jakarta, Moya.

The world of tapas that we know would not be the same, if not for the wisdom of King Alfonso X from Spain. As the story goes and often stated, the tradition of serving sherry or wine covered with a small snack that became known as tapas (from the word ‘cover’ in Spanish) has become a world-wide favorite. Tapas are also becoming Jakarta’s favorite, especially after Moya Tapas Bar opened recently.

Connected with the group who brought us Cassis, Harum Manis, and being upstairs from their new Moonlight jazz bar in Jakarta, Moya is indeed another impressive creation by Chris Janssen. Named after a municipality in Barcelona, Spain – Moya Tapas Bar is the place to go for genuine Spanish tapas. Its warm Mediterranean atmosphere gives you an instant summer festive feeling and the traditions of the tapas bar in Spain are invoked by handcrafted murals of “los toros y matadors” helping to add to the mood of the whole ambiance.

Enjoying tapas is like enjoying good times with your friends, as both are born from the same principle of sharing. Sharing is the name of the game with over 100 selections of tapas to choose from to be placed on the table and enjoyed in company. Several mouth-watering starters that we most recommend in Moya are the tasty and savory tostada de chorizo; the plato de jamon serrano, which contains a combination of cheese (gouda and gruyere), olives and slices of salted pork; and also not to be missed is their mix de tapas.

Served on a tray, the mix de tapas is a combination of tostados de roquefort (baked blue cheese on bread) with tortilla Espanola (thick omelet with potato and onion) and tortilla de jamon (thick omelet with potato, cheese, bacon and herbs). The presentation of this selection of tapas reminds me of those little savories that we Jakartans have for afternoon tea.

Moya Tapas Bar is also a friendly place for the vegetarian. Their tostados de anchoas and tostados de tomato is simply delicious and scrumptious even for those who are not vegetarian. As for those who have strong carnivore desires, we recommend you to try their chorizo alvino tinto – sautéed pork sausage slowly cooked in wine. Combine it with their famous red sangria and the taste will just be perfect.

Aside from their meaty menu, Moya Tapas Bar also has a good seafood selection. In particular, we prized their fondue de gambas where the delectable prawns are marinated with sambuca and then served with hot melted cheese. And if you are looking for an original tapas presentation dated back to King Alfonso X’s era, then make sure you order Moya’s miel almejas: marinated muscle au gratin with mozzarella cheese that comes on a small plate on top of a glass of red sangria.

Funnily enough, in this tapas house, they also try to sneak in some South American influences on their menu. However, the effort is a wholehearted success, especially their fajitas tenderloin. I personally think it is best to enjoy their fajitas in an Indonesian style by mixing it with Moya’s famous paella complete, and voila! You will have a plate of rice with seafood and tenderloin meat all together.

In Moya you can be sure to get every kind of tapas that you like, even if it is not on the menu. With more then 16 years of cooking experience, Chef Richard Eduardo Brea Blanco from Venezuela is ready to fulfill any wish that you desire.

There is a vast wine-list at Moya. From excellent sangrias to a selection of wines from all over the world, including Spain, and an array of Sherries and Ports. This tapas wine bar has it covered.

We can say that Moya Tapas Bar has been quite successful in bringing the Spanish art of living to Jakarta. Also remember, though, that the great quality comes at a good price and in Moya this means be ready to spend around IDR 1,500,000.00, including a bottle of wine, for two people. But who would ever complain with the such good quality that they offer. We guarantee that after your third glass of those lovely sangrias, the only thing you can say is Ah! Divino…

Moya Tapas Bar
Pavilion Apartment Retail Arcade
Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 24 Jakarta 10220
Tel: +62 21 574 2010

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