Bringing Classic Back: Les Classiques Café Jakarta

 Bringing Classic Back: Les Classiques Café Jakarta

Text by Erza S.T.

Just when you thought that there wasn’t any more available space for new establishments in the Kemang area, here comes a new one. Recently opened to the public, Les Classiques Café is the latest establishment by Dieter Speer – a man known as the chocolate guy for establishing The Embassy of Chocolate in Jakarta. This new kid on the block dwells inside Vin+ and is not just a great place for real coffee but also the best cakes in town. It is such a relief to have a fine establishment like Les Classiques Café open in Jakarta; especially in the era where instant and fancy coffee is growing in almost every corner of the city. They are continuously “brewing” as we speak!

The coffee focus is on classics like ristretto, espresso, cappuccino and latte in the European coffee house style. Les Classiques uses specially harvested and roasted mix coffee beans that come from Flores, Papua, Sulawesi and Cuba.

For some of you who enjoy coffee with a slight alcohol kick then you definitely should experience their correttos. They are a combination of black coffee or cappuccino with Grappa, Sambuca or Grand Marnier. Indeed, these liquors help to clean the strong bitter aftertaste from the coffee on your palate. Aside from its heavenly smooth taste, it is also a chic way of having alcohol during mid-day without being too obvious.

Les Classiques Café also offers you a delicious selection of panini, sandwiches and salads that are worth a quick lunch. In particular we recommend the beef pastrami and Swiss cheese panini as well as the favorite smoked salmon salad with red wine vinaigrette dressing (that surprisingly comes in at a price of only Rp 15K per portion).

However if you are more of the morning person, then you should definitely try their selections of croissant – from the usual chocolate croissant up to their own original creation, the mix seed croissants. That’s a plain croissant with flax, lin, oat, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin and millet seeds covering it. What better way to start your day than by having a perfect cup of coffee, a fresh croissant with a good WiFi connection to check your emails.

As for the dessert lover, welcome to the Shangri-la of cakes! The founder of Les Classique, Dieter Speer is known for his talents in dealing with chocolate and processes it into delicious and mouth-watering delicacies. During our last visit, the Choco Lie cake was sinfully fantastic. This chocolate sponge cake is soaked with rum but in a good measure. You just can’t stop enjoying it, especially accompanied with their Grand Marnier Correto. It will surely refine your day.

If you visit Les Classiques and not sure what to try, then just seek advice from the barista. They come with good knowledge and quick service too. Try to seek out Ms. Agatis and you will not only receive great suggestions on coffee and cakes but also stories about the places where they come from as well. This kind of quality is seldom found in this city and believe it or not, this quality doesn’t cost you a fortune to enjoy.

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