Toscana Jakarta: A Decade of Excellence

 Toscana Jakarta: A Decade of Excellence

Winner of multiple awards, Toscana is like a legend in the universe of fine dining in Jakarta. FRV finds out why, after a decade, Toscana is still one of the best Italians in Jakarta.

Text by Ve Handojo

The best recipes comes from the heart. Clichéd though it may sound, its truth is proven in the case of Toscana. One fateful day ten years ago, Mrs. Ellyta Soetantyo executed her passion for delightful cuisine with a simple idea: a fine dining restaurant serving traditional home-style Italian food. She created an intimate place where everybody feels like they’re in a countryside kitchen with a long serving bar and an authentic wood fired pizza oven.

Chef Mario de Carlini then came up with a menu that consisted of time-honored Italian dishes: carbonara, aglio olio, and alfredo, to name a few. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, the pasta and pizza quickly became the talk of the town and since then, the buzz has never faded.

“Our clients are mostly expatriates. They come and go, and they recommend Toscana to the new expatriates in Jakarta,” said Nina Raganatha, General Manager. “It’s become a kind of dining legacy.”

Being a legacy doesn’t mean being conservative. Chef Mario de Carlini keeps the menu updated every semester. Today, the tongue-burning spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino (spaghetti with hot chili and garlic) is the favorite. Expect to ssshhh after each scoop of this yummy pasta. The sensational experience is best paired with the selection of Italian wines available at Toscana.

For those who are more into creamy cheese sauces rather than hot chili, pick the sound and predictably tasty spaghetti alla carbonara. The authentic recipe executed perfectly will deliver the true thick and gluey Italian rumpus.

Go big with contro filetto al Gorgonzola. The 200 gram grilled Prime US Rib Eye with Gorgonzola cheese is the definite choice for those with a hefty appetite. But if white meat is the preference, try the ingeniously baked rolled marlin with king prawns, served with rocket salad, black olives and chive herb dressing. This Involtini di Pesce Spada con Gamberoni is very tender and juicy.
Bring on the white wine!

Of course, going Italian is never fun without going pizza, and we are talking about real thin crust Italian pizza, fired with traditional mastery to its crispiest point. The prima donna here is labeled Pizza Toscana, toppings include: tomato, mozzarella, mushroom, black olive, smoked chicken, and egg. This is a dish that comes with a rich stir of flavors and textures.

The Toscana experience is best finished with another new favorite: Fondente al Cioccolato con Gelato. The warm melted chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream delivers a cleansing, mouth-watering experience.

The whole evening at Toscana would be even more perfectly enjoyed with the smoking of a hand-rolled Cuban cigar. The low lit atmosphere with natural hues sets an enticing backdrop to make the most of life with the closest of friends and relatives. The joys and tastes of Toscana are a precious legacy indeed.

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