Prime, The Steak House: The New Sunday School

 Prime, The Steak House: The New Sunday School

Thou shall not be sober on Sunday mornings. VE HANDOJO nods to the eleventh commandment bestowed upon carnivores.

Now, there’s a new cure for last night’s hangover. Why struggle to get sober when you can keep on being tipsy? The weekend has its final round on Sunday mornings in Prime, the steak house in The Ritz Carlton Jakarta. Their innovative Martini Brunch drags almost everybody in town down to their fine establishment, and could be the cause of those empty seats in the local church.

Believers find themselves secured from sunrays in the lower lobby level of the Ritz. This synagogue of meat lovers offers the biggest temptations ever, even for those who are on a Tibetan diet. An array of finely presented appetizers lures every hungry soul (and tummy). Each is well-portioned, including the Caesar Salad – no do-it-yourself salad bar that usually leads to weird-tasting piles of greens, mayo, Thousand Islands, and so forth. The oysters are a must grab, and the pan seared foie gras comes in the most generous portion ever. These two are perfect for the gentle start. Say grace!

Main course is a la carte style. My fillet of medium-well Angus beef came in a chunky portion, wrapped in apple wood bacon, with cabernet reduction sauce. Every slice tasted so sinfully delicious. To add guilt, the balsamic vinegar and olive oil were served in a two-way bottle. Other main course selections include lobster, seared ruby tuna steak, broiled Chilean seabass, lamb chops, New York strip sirloin steak, and braised oxtail tortellini. This all comes in a package at Rp 378K++, including appetizer and dessert buffet, plus bottomless fresh juice, coffee, soft drinks, and ice teas.

Yet, adding a bit to make the Rp 408K++ package is the real end-of-days deal, because that means you can go back and forth to the “holiest of holies” part of Prime. The sacred ground. The soul purifying altar. The bar where twelve “apostles” are waiting. No, they are not martyrs. Even better, they are the Martinis, called Apple, Dirty, Perfect, Rambutan, Lychee, Choco, Choco-Mint, Kiwi, Classic, Currant, Strawberry, and the Red Bull – the “book keeper”, a.k.a. the one that gives you the deadly kiss.

The most innocent of all could be the white-striped Choco-Mint Martini. Very fresh, light, and friendly. For the sweeter taste, go for Kiwi Martini. Lychee and Rambutan are like twins. Pick the Classic Martini if you’re feeling like James Bond, or Dirty Martini if Mr. Bond is in trouble. The Perfect Martini gives a real kick. Share them all with love and compassion with the family, and you’re in the (un)holy communion.

Martini Brunch in Prime is a must-try before the Second Coming!

Prime, The Steak House
The Ritz Carlton Jakarta
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav. E1.1 No. 1
Jakarta 12950
Tel: +62-21-25518876

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