Lebua at State Tower: The Pantheon in the City of Angels

 Lebua at State Tower: The Pantheon in the City of Angels

Ve Handojo was transformed overnight in Bangkok. How did lebua at State Tower do this?

The normal itinerary of a singleton’s first night in Bangkok is: check in, discard your suitcases, and head to Patpong or Silom (depending on your preference). Backpacking couples, booze addicts and hippies may head to Khaosan Road. These are the people who would mumble when asked the name of the hotel they are staying at. I used to follow the typical schedule, even when I had a five-star bedroom by the Chao Praya River.

Upon reaching my next ‘suitcase locker with a king-size bed’, I was glad to know that it was sweetly located in Silom Road, just a stones-throw away from Saphan Taksin sky train station. In just ten to fifteen minutes I could find myself shopping cheap in MBK, Siam Square, or ‘shopping cheap’ in Silom Soi 2.

The first welcome that I received upon arriving at the lobby of lebua at State Tower was an olfactory one. Refreshing and energetic ginger fragrance stroked my nose, and then neutralized my brain from kinky ideas. Elegant door ladies in long black-and-gold, haute-couture-esque gowns greeted “sawadee-kha”, sweetly sounding like a choir of nightingales. Immediately I made a mental note that whomever I may bring back from Silom Soi 2 tonight must look at least half as pretty as they are.

The express elevator lifted me up at high speed to floor 56, where I was then escorted to my apparently, two-bedroom suite. I could bring half of Silom Soi 2’s residents back home tonight to this 186 square-metres of grandeur. A jug of fresh iced-water with sliced lemon was waiting to fill the prepared four drinking glasses, nodding yes to that naughty idea of mine. Huge windows (with an inaccessible patio) give a dazzling view of Bangkok’s night lights. I was on the peak of Mount Ego. Mistresses needed.

Dirty laundry can be washed clean, discreetly ensuite with a high-tech washing machine waiting inside a discreet cabinet. As a source of indecent techniques and improper inspirations, a complete home entertainment set – plasma TV, DVD and CD player – was already in gear. The night could last very long, and I would still be able to catch up with the free breakfast buffet, generously served until 11.30 am. Worst case scenario, I could make my own cereal or instant noodles in the state-of-the-art open kitchen.

And, if my not-so-cute face failed to charm anybody in the bars, I would be able to log on to the chatroom – no additional charge for broadband internet connection – and use on with the nickname “hotstuff_at_lebua”. The last part would definitely win the game.

The first-night-in-Bangkok-plan seemed to already have major green lights.

Yet, beforehand, a dinner appointment was already waiting in The Dome. Previously, in the lobby, I had seen a European family facing a tough-but-smiling lady who would not allow one of their teen rebels to enter because he was wearing ankle-high denim pants. My attire, though mostly grabbed from discount racks, met the strict dresscode.

I had a fabulous bath with Bvlgari amenities before heading up to The Dome. I was sure that after getting spoilt in luxury, my skin would scream in protest over the cheap fabric of my shirt and pants.

I arrived at Distill Bar at the The Dome, floor 64 of State Tower, where Bangkok’s evening breeze gently slapped my face. Accompanied by a 600 baht glass of draught beer, I waited for my table in Sirocco to be prepared.

Sirocco, on floor 63, serves Mediterranean cuisine, literally under the stars. The table next to mine was occupied by a pair of Japanese ladies wearing – at the very least – Prada. The one behind was an American couple in their sixties, sipping champagne. The waiter looked like an Ermenegildo Zegna mannequin brought to life. While my attire was not impressive at all, my choice of appetizer couldn’t be more French: pan-seared foie gras.

The foie gras came un-petite. It was three, chunky slices of soft and tasty goose liver and should be tagged the most generous portion of foie gras in the world! And, every bite deserves another gourmet award. The man behind it was chef de cuisine Stephen Dion, once a private chef to His Majesty the King of Jordan for almost two years.

Going back to my room with an imperial stomach, I dressed down (oh, it could go lower, yes!), then found myself inside a cab heading to Silom Soi 2. The guilty feeling started as the DJ span a Britney Spears medley. Not an “angel” in that part of City of Angels could justify my betrayal to Bangkok’s new-found opulence by being in the – well – Silom Slum 2.

My first fifteen minutes felt like an hour – a boring hour. I escaped the second, fled back to Lebua at State Tower, and respoiled my skin with the Bvlgari touch it deserved. Underneath the magnificent Bangkok stars, I had a peaceful and classy slumber on the ultimate comfort of lebua’s signature mattress. Yes, it was a two-bedroom suite, and no, I did not want to share it with anybody else!

In lebua at State Tower, my typical first-night-in-Bangkok itinerary was drastically changed, and highly upgraded. Staying here should be on the itinerary of every-night-in-Bangkok. In this City of Angels, lebua at State Tower is the pantheon of gods and goddesses.

lebua at State Tower
1055 Silom Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Tel: +66-2624-9999

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