9 Ways to Extend Your Dream in Bangkok: Dream Hotel

 9 Ways to Extend Your Dream in Bangkok: Dream Hotel

In Dream Hotel Bangkok, VE HANDOJO finds himself hybernated, and waking up to another dream. He shares the tips to having a more unusual and mind-freeing dream.

1. Escape the predictability of international-chains.
Boutique hotels like Dream provide the unexpected, thus breaking the paradigms of classy lodgings, and opening your imagination wider. This ceremony begins as you drive to the main entrance, where a twirling cube with the logo of the hotel makes an unusual welcome.

2. Find the most strategic spot.
You don’t want to get stressed out by Bangkok’s infamous traffic, and stay too far away from the city. Yet, you also need another world, another realm, another reality. Dream Hotel is located; pardon the pun, not far from well-known Bed Supper Club, at the fashionable Sukhumvit area. Being close to Asoke sky train station delivers freedom of movement around the vibrant capital. However, it is literally another realm once you step inside Dream.

3. Cross the borders of religions and cultures.
Basic beliefs often limit our mind’s capability to wander far beyond the norms. Dream’s lounge puts together avant-garde statues reflecting many kinds of beliefs and cultures. No more nice and clean “minimalism” that leads to a peaceful, a.k.a. non-adventurous sleep. With gigantic stupas, white-and-blue leopard statues, and bling-bling all over the place, Dream invites our imagination to cross the limits. Corridors, corners, stairways, desk lamps, chandeliers … all are designed in such detail, restoring our faith in the magic of glittery maximalism.

4. Fill your senses with everything beautiful.
It’s not just about Dream’s own maximalist design. Moreover, it’s the fashion shows that occasionally run in the hot Flava, Dream’s restaurant and bar. The chic and trendy come to your senses, providing raw materials for a long good sleep. The living visual feast is balanced with good tunes coming live, provided by carefully selected musical troops.

5. Pamper, spoil, and indulge yourself.
What’s a bathtub without good amenities? My room comes with a range of mulberry flavored ones. When vanity is the real quest, claim it with style. It feels gorgeous to smell nice – which is a crucial element to having a beauty sleep.

6. Get disconnected.
Okay, one cannot stop being a “business traveler”. First thing they ask, “Is there any internet connection here?” Dream Hotel gives a straight answer: “Yes, and it’s free! You can even use our computer!” So, stop worrying about your emails, and turn off that BlackBerry. Why bother when you can do it wireless while taking your bathroom break? As for the dream business, disconnect yourself from those instant messengers, profile pages, kinky chatrooms, online gamblings, eBay, et cetera, et cetera.

7. Stay healthy. Stay sane.
Petite it may be, but Dream’s gym has enough equipment to keep you fit. For more stylish healthy activity, go down to Avatar Spa, and treat yourself with distinctive treatments designed as urban escapades. Really, health and sanity will never result in nightmares. Make sure you are going to have the most fabulous dream by reserving the right kind of mollycoddle.

8. Dine in style.
Hot Flava serves quality meals with exquisite presentation that escalates your fine dining experience one level up. Blast yourself afterwards with house pourings. Don’t worry, be blurry.

9. Get enlightened. Get indigo-enlightened!
Finally, it’s time to crawl onto your bed. Dream Hotel provides crisp, soft 300 thread count Egyptian bed linen to throw you into the most comfortable slumber. When the lights go down, the ethereal indigo lighting from under your bed will provide an atmosphere no other hotel ever did before. The mind-soothing blue shades will give a therapy to dream on, literally. Your full and tiring day – whether as a business traveler, or Patpong/Silom adventurer – will be redeemed before you can even feel it.

Dream Hotel Bangkok, of Vikram Chatwal Hotels, have sisters named Dream New York (www.dreamny.com), Night Hotel New York (www.nighthotelny.com), and The Time New York (www.thetimeny.com). Success in Bangkok has made the company breed an extension; Dream 2, which will boast a stylish swimming pool. Prepare to extend your dream in Bangkok now!

Dream Hotel Bangkok
10 Sukhumvit Soi 15
Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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